A new mooring for Rapa

Three years ago we built a mooring for sailboats with the municipality of Rapa, so visiting sailboats don’t have to anchor in the infamously difficult bay and will neither damage their gear not the beautiful staghorn coral. When we got back this year, we were happy to pick up our sturdy mooring and then we asked the mayor and community workers whether they wanted to do a second one. We brought out the two blocks with Pitufa and placed them on a 6 m spot in the bay, where it’s easy to check!!

Thanks a lot to…
…the commune of Rapa Iti for their approval and for donating the blocks and chain
…Alex (chief of the firefighters here in Rapa) for all the welding and bending and for spending all Saturday on the project
…our friends on SY Garulfo for their hard work and donated gear
…and last but not least to Pitufa for being such a sturdy and strong lady–she nonchalantly crossed the bay with the huge mooring blocks dangling from her bow.

The new mooring consists of two 750 kg blocks, 14 mm chain and 25 mm rope. It is located at S 27°36.700′ W 144°19.870′

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