A second mooring in Rapa Iti

A second mooring in Rapa Iti

In January 2022 we installed a second mooring for sailboats in the bay of Ahurei, Rapa Iti. Thanks a lot to the Commune of Rapa for sponsoring most of the material, to Alex (the chief of the firefighters) for working with us, to our friends Soraya and Thomas on SY Garulfo for all their work and to SY Pitufa for carrying the blocks! The mooring consists of two 750 kg blocks that are linked with 14 mm chain and a 25 mm rope goes up to the surface. It is well suited for yachts the size of Pitufa (41 ft, 12 tons) or smaller. It is located at S 27° 36,700' W 144° 19,872'. The mooring we installed three years ago is suitable for bigger boats up to 25 tons (S 27° 36,808' W 144° 20,034'. The moorings are not insured, but well made and regularly checked. We usually prefer anchoring to moorings, but in the bay of Ahurei you either have to anchor in deep basins with doubtful holding (25 to 35 m) or on bommies--all the shallower parts are covered in live, fragile staghorn coral, so picking up a mooring is the best choice! Please help checking and maintaining the moorings if you visit. The commune does not charge for the use, but donations to the mairie are highly appreciated.

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