Read Online: Article in Cruising World “Know your Weather”

Christian Feldbauer, Birgit Hackl: KNOW YOUR WEATHER, Cruising World, April 2022. Read the online version of this article.

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  1. Gregory Wood says:

    Just finished the article on weather in “Cruising World”. As a person who spends his mornings (every morning) slurping joe and preparing for whatever the day may bring, a kind of personal meditation for keeping my life pointed in the correct direction, it really spoke to my heart and inspired me. I’m currently studying to get my Pilot’s license so forecasts are a huge part of daily life. My long term goal is to live aboard somewhere in Polynesia and operate a seaplane tour business so yes, it’s all about the weather and knowing what to expect. Best of luck and thanks for your contribution – G. Wood

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