Sail repair days

On the way here the mainsail chafed badly on the spreaders while it was flogging in light-wind conditions. One of the batten pockets got chafed through–smack in the middle of the sail, impossible to repair with our machine, as we cannot roll up the rest of the sail small enough to fit in. We prefabricated the batten pocket with the machine, but then had to stitch it on by hand: one of us standing outside the bimini, the other one kneeling inside, handing the needle through stitch by stitch by stitch by stitch…
As we were already at it, we also got down the lazy bag and repaired some chafe there, replaced the velcro, etc. Oh and then we found some more little spots to tape and sew on the sail (of course), so be the end of day three we are knackered and still not finished…

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