Sailing eastwards to the Lau

Finally we are underway to the Lau Islands again! The past few days have flown by in a flurry of boat projects, shopping, organising, meeting people, while keeping an eye on the ever-changing weather forecasts… What looked like a nice weather window with NE winds to sail SEwards turned into a nasty front, too short to actually reach our destination. We have postponed our departure for a day and are heading out close-hauled into rough conditions towards Matuku. 95 nm to go!


  1. Tiki says:

    How are you doing guys?

  2. judy says:

    sorry to post here your email address does not seem to work…

    Hi Birgit

    We are planning to sail to French Polynesia next year, and I have really been appreciating reading your book and information on your website. Like you we would prefer to go to more remote unspoiled places where we can connect with the locals.

    We are thinking of skipping Galapagos and going to Gambia and then heading north from there.

    I did see in one of your articles that there was some resistance to sailors. I was wondering if you had any updates on that?

    Also, any thoughts on sailing from panama straight to Gambier? We are a 52 foot performance cruiser catamaran.

    I hope at some point we will meet up with you

    Many thanks and I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

    Happy sailing


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