Exchanging gifts

In Fiji it’s traditional to bring a gift when you visit another island/village, not just for foreigners, but also for locals. You present this sevusevu (usually a bundle of kava) and the chief speaks a prayer and welcomes you as a member of the village. In the traditional islands of the Lau group you then get a host family and it’s a very nice cultural insight to spend time with them, do lunch together, go for walks, etc. Our host families have always been very generous with us and willing to share the little they have (veg, fruit, etc.) and of course we want to give presents back in return.

When we were here in Fulaga last year, our host Maika asked us to mend their kayak, but the PVC was broken beyond repair. When we got back to the mainland we started looking for used kayaks and last September we bought one from other cruisers–inflatable, so not quite ideal, but at least a means of transport!

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