Our first two weeks

Today’s blog entry is going to be a lot longer than the last ones, because we’ve reached our first city with internet-cafe’s since our departure from Pula. After a week in idyllic anchorages in lonely bays and next to tiny islets, Pitufa is anchored in the bay facing the historic centre of Primosten. It was about time to return to civilisation as we’ve run out of vegetables and 4 rubbish bags are piled up in the bathroom…

We’ve been living for an entire month on the boat now, cruising for two weeks, and all three of us have settled in very well. The Adriatic Sea shows its smoothest and sunniest face and we’ve adjusted our daily lives to its light, variable winds. In the mornings it’s usually calm, time for doing daily tasks (working on the boat, translating, domestic things), as soon as a breeze comes up at noon we set the sails. When we get becalmed on the way we just go swimming, because we don’t have appointments like the people on the other boats quickly motoring by (it’s not so easy to adjust our thinking to the fact that we’ve got time now). When the wind dies down in the evening we drop anchor at the next possible spot. Even though it’s still not high-season here, there are plenty of yachts around, but the wind (or rather the lack of it) leads us to pretty, lonely anchorages every day.

Leeloo’s also fine. During the day she sleeps in different places, loses masses of fur (even though we comb her regularly the boat is covered in hair and I’m constantly hunting dustbunnies or rather “furkittens”. To make up for the loss of hair, she gains weight — probably her way of preparing for the Atlantic ;-)

During the last days we got the impression that she was bored with her life on the boat, so we took her with us on land. Unfortunately the spot wasn’t well chosen: the islet was covered in spiky rocks, we had to carry her over pools of seawater and in the end she spent her time on solid ground hiding under a rock. She was really glad to get back to the boat and couldn’t wait to jump over Pitufa’s lifelines. Yesterday’s anchorage was far better for her: a little islet, uninhabited apart from a few hundred seagulls. We landed the dinghy on a smooth pebble beach and Leeloo was able to climb out of the rubber boat herself. Then she wandered around between the shrubs, happily sniffing on bushes and stones.

Today’s our 16th anniversary. We’ve been together half our lives, have already seen and experencied a lot during that time. We’re looking forward to what this new chapter of our lives is going to bring.
Tomorrow we’ll head on southbound. We want to keep to our “system” of letting the wind decide how quickly we commence.

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