We’ve reached Sicily!

Yesterday found us still south of Italy. Because of the calm weather it’s taken us a full week to sail from Dubrovnik to Taormina!
We celebrated my birthday yesterday by floating around in completely calm waters, sweating, cleaning up the mess in our fuel storage locker (one of the cans seems to leak, but we still don’t know which one) and waiting for wind. Not a single breeze tickled Italians toes… The highlight of the day was dinner. Munching two marvelous curries and sipping a bottle of sparkling wine, we forgot about the frustrations of the day.
During the night there were some fickle winds from different directions and we ended up motoring along for a while, because it’s just too dangerous to stand in the middle of the “Street of Messina” with freighters rushing by ;-)
Early in the morning the wind finally came and Pitufa flew under full sails clause-hauled towards Mount Etna.

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