Fascinating Melilla

Melilla is an ancient town, it’s origins go back to the Phoenicians and Punics. It has been Spanish since 1497, though it was besieged and threatened many times by its neighbouring peoples.
Today it’s a melting pot of different cultures: Spanish, Berber, Jews, Hindus, African immigrants, etc. That shows in the colourful traditional clothing, shops and cuisine. The prices are very low, so we’ve already tasted lots of tapas :-) . As we’ve only been here a few days we may have got the wrong impression, but it seems that everyone here is very tolerant and friendly and that the different cultures coexist peacefully.

The old centre of Melilla is dominated by a fortress, there are many museums, old monasteries etc. and all sights are open to the public for free! The new part of town is in Art Deco style, also very pretty. It seems like strong winds from the West will keep us here a few more days, but being stuck in such nice surroundings isn’t so bad either ;-) .

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