Sailing to Sardinia

Today we reached the southern tip of Sardinia after 175 nautical miles and 3 days. This leg has been quite nice, but it’s weird how Pitufa’s movements seem to be connected directly to the crew’s mood. Pitufa rolls in high seas while the wind dies down: crew frustrated—why are we doing this? Pitufa stays motionless and becalmed: Crew bored—we’ll never make it through the Med this way. Pitufa heels over in gusts that change directions constantly while lightning lights the sky: Crew insecure—how will we be doing on the Atlantic? Pitufa rushes ahead with 5 knots like on rails: Crew happy—sailing is pure bliss, have we ever doubted this?

Yesterday we spotted fish accompanying us. First 2 then 5 unidentified fish objects (wikipedia couldn’t really help, something between tuna and mackerel. Roughly 40 cm long, rather high, yellow backfins, dark vertical stripes) swam happily behind Pitufa, biting into the security line of the rudder of the hydrovane and generally having a good time. Our reaction “Wow, they’re so sweet, just look at the cute stripes on his tummy!” explains why we still haven’t bought fishing gear. Sooner or later we’ll have to develop bloodthirst while watching such fishies ;-)

We’ve dropped anchor in a bay next to a marina and a lot of tourism. The people lie on the sandy beach like sardinias ;-)

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