Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We’ve been in the marina of Las Palmas since Thursday. We usually try to avoid marinas, but before setting off towards the Cape Verdes we wanted to go shopping for the last time, fix some things on the boat, fill up the water tanks, etc.
At first we were worried if noisy work on the boat would be frowned upon by the marina personal, but in this port many people like DIY and so we’re not the only ones who contribute with screeching angle grinders to the symphony going on around. Many yachts are preparing to cross the Atlantic and so the cashier in the supermarket isn’t the least bit surprised when you ask to have two full shopping carts delivered to the harbour…
We also wanted to use the chance to “sniff some city air” for the last time and visit the old town of Las Palmas, but somehow we don’t get round to it. There’s just too many projects that need finishing on the boat (new solar panels, security for the washboards and skylights, a translation, laundry, etc.), but tonight we want to do some sightseeing and also inspect some tapas-bars ;-)


  1. Roswitha says:

    Hallo Pitufa! Wie lange habt Ihr vor, auf Gran Canaria zu verweilen, bevor´s dann los geht?

  2. Birgit says:

    Hallo Roswitha,
    wir haben gestern noch fast alle Projektln am Boot fertiggestellt, heute Morgen das Boot seeklar gemacht und in einer Stunde soll’s Richtung Kap Verden losgehen :-)

    1. Roswitha says:

      Na dann wünsch ich Euch viel Glück uind vor allem guten Wind!!!

  3. canarie says:

    good luck and a tailwind :)

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