Repairs done

After 3 days of high-speed working in the marina Pitufa is now entirely clean and saltfree, has new lower shrouds, the autopilot works again, the tanks are full, the lockers are fully provisioned, etc. and we’ve decided to stay a few more days in the anchorage of Mindelo.
We like this town, the street vendors and the mercado municipal offer the best veggies we’ve seen since the Canaries, the fish market has good quality for very low prices (we bought a kilo of tuna for about 3 euros) and on the weekend there’s live music in many bars.
There’s a general spirit of preparation before the big crossing among the yachties and every day we say “good bye and see you on the other side” to our friends. We’re not in a hurry though, because we’ve fallen in love with the islands and there remains much more to be discovered.

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