Two days for maintenance

With all the round trips and hiking excursion during the last week we neglected Pitufa a bit. During the last two days we’ve taken advantage of the calm anchorage of Tarrafal for some maintenance and repair work.
The hydraulic autopilot will hopefully work again, the water level in the batteries is adequate and the kitchen sink now lies in a yummy wooden frame instead of the old, mouldy plastic where water used to get trapped.

As soon as we’ve finished checking e-mails and our blog on the antique computers they have here in the local youth centre (no working WiFi in town…) we’ll head to the mini-market for some bread. The range is limited to some canned veggies and basic provisions like flour, sugar and salt–all in unlabelled plastic bags ;-) .
We bought a 6 kg pumpkin in Ribeira Brava so after pumpkin-curry the day before yesterday, breaded fried pumpkin yesterday we’ll have pumpkin soup in the evening—creativity is everything here ;-)

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