Faja de Agua, Ilha Brava

We’ve arrived on the most remote island of the Cape Verdes yesterday after yet another rough passage. It took us one and a half days with 25 knots of winds on the beam (instead of the comfy 15-20 knots from astern as we had expected…). Little Brava is located in the very west of the southern chain of islands and it is the least visited one. Currently we are the only yacht anchored in the spectacular bay surrounded by steep cliffs. In the northeast corner it’s possible to land the dinghy next to the fishing boats of the tiny village. When we went ashore to fix a landline some fishermen were cutting a huge tuna into pieces, we spontaneously bought a kilo and had really fresh sushi on board – Leeloo had hers without rice :-)

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  1. hermine hackl says:

    nach der rauhen überfahrt habt ihr euch sehr wohl belohnung verdient.

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