Photo Gallery of Brava

We’re still anchored in the same bay, all kinds of algae and barnacles are even starting to grow on the line ashore ;-) , but somehow we cannot find a reason to leave a place where turtles paddle around the boat, seabirds fish 5 metres away, the local fishermen offer the daily catch, more hiking trails wait to be discovered, etc.
Here you can see yourself, why we like it so much!

Cabo Verde: Ilha Brava

Brava's a tiny island, but there is so much to explore and we felt so at home in Faja d'Agua at the westcoast of the island that we spent the whole December anchored in the same bay.

(39 photos)

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  1. Roswitha says:

    Wunderschöne Fotos. Ich kann verstehen, dass es Euch gefällt!

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