Liferaft as a bumper

Before moving to Paramaribo we decided to fill up our watertanks at a local fishing jetty, so we waited for high tide and then went alongside a fishing boat. Everything went fine until we wanted to set off again. The situation was a bit tricky, because of another boat right in front of us and the current which had already set in. We didn’t push off the bow enough, got caught in the current, steered hard right towards the open water, almost made it–but then we couldn’t avoid bumping with the stern against the last corner of the boat in front. BAMM.
Fortunately for Pitufa we had the liferaft tied to the pushpit and it took all the impact. Of course it’s quite squashed now, let’s see whether we can rescue it, otherwise we used it as a very expensive bumper…
It’s so depressing: we try to avoid spending money, don’t eat out often, watch every Euro in small things and then a few seconds cost a month of our cruising budget.

Anyway, nobody got hurt, Pitufa’s fine, just my self confidence looks similar to the squashed liferaft…


  1. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Ojeeeee. Aber natürlich ist es am Wichtigsten, dass niemanden was passiert ist. Vielleicht läßt es sich ja doch noch retten?!

  2. Marion und Peda says:

    na geh! mah, des tuad uns total lad um eia rettungsinsel, des is echt schod!

    oba des wichtigste is wiaklich, daß eich nix passiad is!

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