Only 250 nm to go!

Soon we’ll have made it: only 250 of the 1900 nautic miles remain! After sailing a bit more slowly for 2 days (the northequatorial current had viciously abandoned us…) we now get a 2-knots turboboost from the northwest setting Guyana current. Thus we have an average speed of 7 knots (12,6 km/h) today – still more slowly than a bicycle, but sensational for our Pitufa ;-) . Today we’ve seen the first other ship in ten days, otherwise only dolphins (twice) and seabirds (astoundingly often) accompanied us.


  1. hermine hackl says:

    Ich freu mich mit euch !!!!!

  2. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Hello again! Such good news I like to read :-)

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