Two thirds covered

Pitufa’s flying along like never before (our fastest daily run this week was 160 NM) and so we’ve already covered two thirds of the way to Suriname! Yesterday a squall with torrential rain cleaned away the thick layers of Sahara sand we had gathered during our 3 months in the Cape Verdes. Today we’ve had clear skies all day long for the first time and the following waves, though higher now because we’ve left the north-equatorial current, look decidedly friendlier in blue. Leeloo spends hours in the cockpit watching those waves and whenever one roars particularly loud, Leeloo growls back.

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  1. Marion und Peda says:

    ihr seids jo echt flott untawegs, weita so!

    Kaun jo goaned aundas sei, wennd Leeloo die Wön vatreibt ;o).

    Marion und Peda

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