Pretty northern coast of Tobago

We’re still in Charlotteville in the North of Tobago waiting for the swell to get lower, because our next planned anchorages (Bloody Bay and Englishman’s Bay) are less protected than Pirate’s Bay. Even in this big bay the swell makes living aboard Pitufa a bit uncomfortable, especially Leeloo hates it when the boat is rolling. Additionally the inverter has broken down, that means no power tools can be used on the boat and all maintenance/upgrade projects are resting at the moment. We were quite annoyed at the beginning, but now we actually enjoy this involuntary idleness, feeling like tourists on holidays ;-)
We went to see the carnival in Scarborough last week (colourful, loud, chaotic), did some hiking in the surroundings of the bay (beautiful rainforest, but quite sweaty), a BBQ on the beach and snorkeling.

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