Mount Qua Qua

We wanted to hike up Mount Qua Qua, partly because Lonely Planet recommends it and partly because of the cool name… So we took a minibus up to Grand Etang Forest Reserve only to discover that dozens of buses from a cruise ship had arrived before us. Stalls had popped up because of them, musicians, traditionally “decorated” ladies–far from the peaceful area we had been looking forward to. First we were thinking of immediately going back to St. George, but then went on to the trail up Mt. Qua Qua. It turned out to be a lovely and even lonely walk–it seems “cruzaders” only make 10-minute walks around the parking space. The hike up Mt. Qua Qua took us about 2 hours and rewarded us with stunning views over the Grand Etang crater lake and to both the west and the east coast of Grenada.

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