A new pet

Today we went to the veggie market and then the fishmarket in St. George. However, we forgot two basic things you should bring to an island fishmarket: a bag (you don’t want the leaky ones you’re given there) and small change (the change you get there might well be covered in fishblood ;-) ). Anyway, right after we got back Christian did some belly-scraping (not his own, but Pitufa’s, which is full of barnacles) in the company of our new pet: a slender suckerfish that has been living under our boat for the past few days. He’s about 60 cm long, very curious and not shy at all. He catches the barnacles right from under our hands while scraping–slightly scary considering that 4 fingers would easily fit into his broad mouth … But he’s cute and friendly, feeding on everything we throw over board. He loves catfood leftovers, freaked out when I cleaned the tuna from the market, but spit out the rice I served with it ;-)

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