So much work to do…

The days fly by with all the work we’ve got to do on Pitufa while she’s on the dry. We’ve taken off the skeg, then the rudder and discovered that we need new bearings (as expected). Additionally the mechanic found that the bearings of the propeller shaft had too much play, so we replaced them as well. I’ve been sanding the hull for the past three days, because we have to remove all lose particles before adding a new layer of antifouling. I look like an alien with my respirator, goggles and all covered in black… Each evening we’re completely exhausted, only to be attacked by dozens of mosquitoes. Even though we have mosquito-nets on all hatches they manage to get in, it seems the little buggers somehow enter during daytime.

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  1. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Oje. Hört sich nicht gut an. Ich glaub, ich warte noch eine Weile mit meinem Besuch ;-)

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