Pitufa without an engine

We’re still in Spanish waters, but now without a working engine (vital parts of it are at the mechanic being cleaned etc.). The little bay we’re in is fairly protected from the wind that constantly howls over Curacao, but we still get unpredictable, strong gusts from different directions, so we’ve brought out 3 anchors to be on the safe side…

Another disadvantage of our little corner here is that the dinghy ride to the jetty takes longer and is even splashier than before. In the beginning we got back to the boat with soaking wet clothes, and shopping bags filled up with saltwater, but now we strip to our underwear before getting into the dinghy (we’ve spotted streakers as well ;-) and put everything into dry bags.

While we’re waiting for the mechanics to come back and finish the job we do some maintenance work on the engine ourselves (change diesel filter, impeller, etc.) and additional jobs (laundry, translations, articles, blogs!!)–the days never seem long enough to get everything finished….

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