Waiting for the “weather window”

Incredible, but we’re still in Curacao. The expected 2 weeks have already turned into 5, but at least we’ve finished all repairs and maintenance jobs on the engine. We’re theoretically ready to leave, as soon as the weather allows it. Sailing down to Cartagena is a bit tricky, because the cape in the north of Columbia (Cabo de Vela) is infamous for strong winds and high steep waves, while the coast on the way south to Cartagena is often completely becalmed, or too windy as well. We’re now checking the grib files (wind and weather forecast) each day, waiting for the “magic moment” when there’s not too much wind to get safely around the cape, but enough wind to carry us down to Cartagena…
The anchorage in Spanish Waters seems to be full of people who’ve already spent months (or years ;-) ) waiting for that weather window and have grown roots here in the meantime. There’s a cruiser who offers internet connection, another one delivers water to the anchoring boats, mechanics offer their services, watermakers are on sale–anchoring in this bay feels like living in a small town. Free shuttles from two supermarkets pick up cruisers each day to encourage them to spend money ;-)
Of course there’s also some social life going on: there’s a happy hour for cruisers in the bar twice a week, people visit each other on their boats, exchange info, charts and books. We’ve enjoyed living in this community for a while, got lots of work done, but now we’re eager to get on and explore a new country.

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