Photos of the San Blas Islands

Uploading the new photo gallery took several attempts and a lot of patience over the last two days. Finally, here it is:

Kuna Yala -- the San Blas Islands

In September and October 2012 we visited the palm-covered islands of Kuna Yala, an autonomous region in Panama, where the Kuna indios live in their traditional villages.

(50 photos)


  1. Mirjana says:

    These photos are amazing!! it’s been grey and foggy here recently, the contrast makes them totally unreal..
    Good to see you’re both doing fine, hugs from the boringly monochrome Cambridge

    1. Birgit says:

      Hi Mirjana,
      good to hear from you! It’s the rainy season here at the moment, so we have plenty of grey days as well. But the rain is a lot warmer than in Cambridge ;-)

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