River excursion and jungle hike

The last two days have been rainy and windy, presumably thanks to Hurricane Sandy that passed north of us, but the anchorage here in Nargana is well protected from the high swell outside. We enjoy the possibility to browse through the mini-mini-markets and have met new friends here (www.bettiedelmar.blogspot.com).
Before the weather turned nasty we used the opportunity to take the dinghy up the nearby Rio Diablo, where we saw our first crocodile and then walked along the waterpipe through the jungle. The Kuna waterpipe is a flimsy plastic tube, sometimes buried in the ground, usually just lying next to the path, occasionally it’s led on rickety branch constructions over creeks (the “bridges” for the people consist of even flimsier tree branches ;-) . Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to the waterfall promised in the guidebook, because we decided that a 6-hour junglewalk was beyond our sporty capacities, especially as the mosquitoes make breaks virtually impossible. As soon as you stand still swarms of them descend on you… The hike was fun though and we enjoyed the chance to wash off the red mud in the clear, cold water of the river, before getting back into the dinghy.

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