The dry weather only lasted for a short while, today it’s been pouring down again. In the afternoon a huge bow emerged from the grey clouds and soon after a cruise ship anchored behind us. Apparently there’s lots around in the San Blas during dry season, but it’s the first one we spotted here. Soon after their arrival Kuna canoes paddled to the beach to display molas and then the crew started shipping passengers from the cruise ship to the island as well–everything still in torrential rainfalls. The poor “cruisaders” picked a bad day for an afternoon at the beach, but when swimming in the San Blas is on the schedule, it’s got to be done, because tomorrow they’ll be somewhere completely different ;-) . The luckier Pitufos aren’t in such a hurry and have the chance to spend some more, hopefully nicer days here.

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  1. hermine hackl says:

    Ganz liebe grüsse den glücklichen schlümpfen ! ! !

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