Western Holandes Cays

The weather turned beautiful again yesterday. It’s not just back to normal, which used to mean nice, sunny mornings but then rainy and squally afternoons, no, it’s really beautiful now. It seems Hurricane Sandy sucked away all the humid air and disposed of it further north.

After almost a week in Nargana we are now at the outer San Blas Islands again. We wanted to stay around the central part of the Holandes Cays but didn’t fancy the anchorage there–it was just too tight for our taste and also too close to mangroves, which could mean a lot of mosquitoes. So we went further west and have now a lovely spot between the two westernmost islands of the Holandes Cays. Of course we are the only boat here :-) And of course we went swimming and snorkeling again and were lucky to see two huge eagle rays and another curious nurse shark. It’s good to be able to go swimming again. The water at Nargana doesn’t look inviting as it is dirty from the river estuary as well as from the people of Nargana (Kuna villages don’t have any sewer…). The last time we had the pleasure of refreshing ourselves in clear water was far up the Rio Diablo, but there the water was cool, while the surface water of the sea reminds more of a hot spa ;-)


  1. Johann aus Salzburg says:

    Danke für eure Berichte und die informativen Seiten. Die Zeit läuft mir zwar bald davon, aber noch lebt mein Traum der Weltumsegelung. Alles, alles Gute weiterhin.

  2. hermine hackl says:

    Ihr sucht abkühlung im wasser –
    bei uns gibts den ersten schnee . . .

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