Exploring Espiritu Santo

We enjoyed the last few days in the calm anchorage behind the little island Espiritu Santo. We circumnavigated the island by dinghy, beached it on a powdersugar-white beach on the eastside and walked out to a little islet that is connected with the island during low tide. Due to the enormous tidal range (at spring tide like now it’s more than 4 metres) the landscapes change completely every few hours: reefs turn into islands, caves are revealed and in the tidal puddles all kinds of sea creatures can be found.
The day after we took the dinghy at high tide up a river on Isla del Rey, a fascinating experience to paddle out with the current again silently through the jungle, watching lots of different birds, listening to the squeaking, humming, chirping jungle sounds.

Christian used the calm anchorage to change the diesel filters, started dismounting dodgy electronic gear from the radar arch to make space for the new ones that are already waiting for us in Panama City. I couldn’t do much, as I’ve overstrained my right wrist during the past few weeks (carrying the heavy dinghy up beaches, hauling up the outboard, etc.) and tried to keep it as calm as possible to get rid of the chronic pain (try not to use your right hand for a while, it’s impossible, even more so on a boat…). The positive result of this was that Christian finally came up with a simple solution for a crane for the outboard–something we’ve been talking about for ages and which will make life a lot easier (and safer).

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