Stingray ballet

In the bay south of Contadora where we’re anchored now we get daily entertainment: in the mornings and in the afternoons big schools of stingrays (medium sized devil rays) round up shoals of small fish and then a special spectacle starts: first the tips of their wings are visible on the surface, then the water seems to boil when the small fish are herded to the surface and finally the rays start jumping out of the water in a feeding frenzy. The jump up to 2 metres high, flap their wings frantically (imitating the pelicans??) and then splash back either in a bellyflop or after doing a somersault. Sometimes 5 or 6 jump at the same time–like a dolphin show, only with stingrays ;-)

I spent the morning on deck trying to get some of the stunts on photos and managed to take some pics of them (they will follow soon in a photo gallery). The rest of the day we spent patching up dingsi our faithful dinghy and mounting the last solar panel in its new place (after buying two bigger ones for the radar arch we had to rearrange all the other ones…) and changing the oil on the outboard.

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