Is our cat a racist?

Leeloo’s a very timid cat who doesn’t like visitors on board at all. In busy anchorages with dinghies going by all the time, she has always one ear moving with the outboard engines that are whizzing by. As soon as she hears the rpms dropping, she’s slightly alarmed, when the people in the dinghy start shouting ‘hello’ she scurries under deck, knowing they might come aboard and–worst case scenario–even stay for an evening of drinks. We were amazed to find out that her reaction to dark-skinned people in canoes (with or without outboard engines) is completely different: she stays on deck no matter how close the canoe comes and even when we start talking to the people, she’s not worried. Maybe she knows from experience that ‘brown’ people usually stay in their canoes, or when they come aboard, they don’t stay very long. Or maybe it’s because many canoes smell of fish and Leeloo loves fish. Whatever the reason for her behaviour, it shows that she distinguishes between differently coloured people and she clearly prefers brown visitors to white ones ;-)

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