Piñas Village

We took the dinghy to the neighbouring bay to visit the village there. Beaching turned out to be quite a challenge with the southerly swell tumbling upon the beach producing high breaking waves that would no doubt delight surfers, but are quite terrifying seen from a dinghy. Timing’s everything: wait for a calm period, quickly motor towards the beach, tilt up the outboard, hop into the water, grab the dinghy and run, run, run! The village is indeed quite big, there’s an airstrip, a bar and a minimarket that was even open on a Sunday. We bought some bread (even though we still had some self-baked bread), but didn’t need any veggies–we bought so much provisioning in Panama City and we’re still trying to eat ahead of rot. “The sugar snap peas are past their prime and the last coriander has to go today. Hmm, green thai curry for dinner?” Some cruisers even have special menu-planning-programs on their computers, we just use our phantasy for always new creations on the gourmet boat Pitufa.

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