It gets cold near the equator

We still have light winds from the southeast, but with a countercurrent of almost 1 knot Pitufa’s slowed down to 3 to 4 knots over ground. We don’t complain though, as long as there’s enough wind to keep the sails filled and from slapping. It’s getting cooler now, maybe we can already feel the effects of the cold Humboldt current. The water temperature has dropped from 27 to 24 degrees and at night it gets chilly. On nightwatch I’ve worn leggins underneath softshell trousers, T-shirt, a sweater and a jacket on top… Our watch system works fine and we get enough sleep. I go to bed at 7, sleep for 2 hours, get up at 9, stay on watch for 4 hours, go back to bed at 1, sleep for 4 hours and get up again at 5. In this way I get 6 hours of sleep during the night, but then I catch up with 2 hours of sleep during the day (I can fall asleep no matter the conditions). Christian can’t sleep during the day, so on my last watch I let him sleep in. We changed to this 2 4 4 3+ system already on the way to Colombia and it works better than the rigid 3 hour watch system we used before.

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