Sailing in the middle of a fleet

We’re still making good progress, now with southeasterly winds that have been stronger than predicted (very light). Alas, 10 knots is still not enough to make Pitufa fly along and so some of the boats that have started out on the same weather window have sailed past us during the day. It’s the first time that we’re sailing in a kind of convoy (though one that wasn’t planned but happened due to the weather window) and it’s fun. There’s a radio net each day where all 15 boats report their positions, wind and current conditions and some small talk about fishing luck etc. We were finally lucky yesterday and caught two mackerels, Leeloo got the first bits, then we had Sushi, Tandoori Fillets in the evening and there’s enough left for Fish Curry this evening and Thai Fish Soup tomorrow :-) . Cleaning and filleting fish isn’t fun on a pitching and rolling boat, but it’s worth it adding some fishy to the menu.

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