On our way again!

Yesterday we set sail again, exhausted with sore muscles, blisters and black and blue (who would have ever thought that shopping’d be the most strenuous part of the cruising life?), but excited to continue cruising. The weather forecast predicting strong winds for the next 3 days and we already had white caps in the anchorage, but we just wanted to get away from the filth of Panama City. The sail to the Perlas turned out to be quite rough, but also quick.

Today we’re doing a spring-cleaning, rubbing salt and dirt off the deck and stowing away the last boxes under deck. Tomorrow we want to sail down to the Golfo de San Miguel, but before we have to scrub the huge barnacles off the hull that have grown in the bay of Panama–a shitty job in cold water, cloudy weather on a rolling boat… Christian’s put on a wet suit and is using scuba gear to be able to work properly on the keel. As a reward we’ll spend a few days in the rivers of the Darien jungle. As we enjoyed the rainforest experience in Suriname that much we didn’t want to miss the last chance to see some jungle, even though many of the other cruisers have already set off towards Galapagos. We’ll enjoy some green, waiting for good conditions to set off into the blue again ;-)

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