Ready to explore again!

We got back to Rikitea last Monday, because the supply ship was due. It didn’t show up though until Wednesday, instead yet another cold front arrived, lowering temperatures to 15 degrees this time… We used the week to run some errants (each one involving several splashy dinghy rides in the icy wind), got more Kerosene for our stove, stocked up Diesel, traded some veggies from local gardens for rum and when the supply ship finally arrived we joined the long queues in front of the shops. “We already have onions and potatoes, tomorrow carrots and cabbage should be unloaded…” In the end we got everything and are now ready to explore more of the archipelago.
The Gambier consist of five high islands and about 18 islets and motus all within the protected lagoon. We only have visited 2 of the islands so far and are eager to see more of this beautiful archipelago.

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