Winterly Gambier

The weather report keeps promising warmer weather, but it never seems to actually arrive here. Winter’s coming here in the southern hemisphere and it feels like it. Yesterday I caught myself whistling ‘jingle bells’… When the sun’s out it’s hot, but the wind blowing from the south’s just icy cold. During the weekend we had constant wind around 25 knots, gusts up to 35 (that’s around 60 km/h), now it’s getting a bit calmer. Showering has become a matter of timing: wait for a slightly calmer period and sunny spell, hop into the water (also down to 23 degrees now), shampoo, hop back into the water, rinse off, quickly put on some cozy warm clothes and grab a mug of steaming tea to defrost again ;-) Pitufa’s a warm-weather boat: we have an open cockpit, no heater, so we hope for some mild autumn days soon. Tomorrow we’re planning to move to another island within the atoll, mostly to find an anchorage with better protection from the wind. Leeloo hates wind and hasn’t been out on deck for days. She’s getting grumpy and bored, she’s also no longer used to temperatures around 20 degrees and is working hard to quickly grow (even) thicker fur ;-)

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