Surfing and ailments

While daring surfers ride the high waves on the beach behind Pitufa, Pitufa’s crew’s limited to surfing on the internet… We haven’t had a good connection in months are now placing orders for spareparts for the boat, researching for new articles, catching up with e-mails and other cruiser’s blogs.
Today we decided to also use the opportunity of having a proper hospital (one doctor on duty, no ultrasonic soundings, but an x-ray machine, a fellow cruiser who’s an in-patient explained with a grin that patients have to bring their own cushions and cutlery) to get a few ailments checked. A bump on my wrist was diagnosed as a harmless cyst, my chronic backache confirmed as a chronic backache (hurrah!) and Christian’s aching throat refered to a dentist. We’ll try to find a dentist, before finally heading out to other bays.

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