On the barrier reef

Initially we wanted to move into our little house today, but when we saw the weather forecast this morning: completely calm, burning hot and sunny. Certainly not the right weather for a sweaty work day ashore, but perfect to spend the day in an unprotected anchorage. Spontaneously we decided to motor to the southwestern corner of the archipelago, where the satellite images promised some sandy spots right behind the outer reef. It was quite nerve wrecking to navigate along the reef with Pitufa floating over a delicate coral garden sprinkled with colourful fishies. Christian at the bow kept asking for the depth, because he couldn’t believe that the corals that seemed to be almost reaching up to the keel in the clear water were actually in a depth of 10 metres… Navigating around coral heads we finally found a perfect spot in a turquoise swimming pool with the darkblue swell of the Pacific breaking in thundering white avalanches not far from us on the submerged barrier reef. We took the dinghy for a snorkeling tour along the reef and found the clearest water and most colourful corals so far. Judging by the way the white tip reef sharks circled us nosily it seems that they don’t get to see too many snorkelers or divers here ;-) It’s astounding that after such a long time in the Gambier archipelago we still find new and even more fascinating spots here. The beauty of this place is hard to describe, we’ll try to load up some pictures soon!


  1. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Unbedingt. Will Fotos sehen. Ach noch was: Wie viel Platz ist in der Hütte? ;-)

    1. Christian says:

      Hi, Platz ist genug, bloss das Klo ist momentan noch ein theoretisches Projekt ;-)

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