Last Saturday we moved into our little house and at dusk we discovered that life takes place on different levels. At seven o’clock the rooster and his harem of a dozen hens fly up into the tree in front of the house and have quite a row while settling onto the best branches. They clearly live on the highest level here.
Inside the house we soon heard the rustling and squeaking of the rats that live under the roof–so they live on the second level.
That leaves the lowest level for us, the geckos, the mosquitoes and the cockroaches. Technically we seem to be subletting from the rats ;-)
Leeloo finds all these impressions slightly scary, but also exciting…

Now you may ask yourself, why we go through the hassle of sharing a flat with all these creatures when we could be staying on our comfy, clean Pitufa. First it’s a very different experience actually living in a country instead of just viewing it from the anchorage. Second we plan on getting jobs done on Pitufa that wouldn’t be possible while living aboard, particularly with a cat (varnishing, painting the bilge, etc.). Third it’s just nice to have our own garden with breadfruit, pampelmouse, lemons, coconuts and our own beach with a view of pretty Pitufa :-)

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