Between Land and Sea

By now we’ve established a daily routine: we spend the nights in the house, have an early breakfast (with fresh baguettes, because the only electric equipment the house offers is a gigantic freezer powered by solar panels, hurray!) and spend the mornings varnishing on Pitufa.
At noon we come back ashore and do some gardening, cleaning, etc. around the house.

Life ashore is taking its toll:
We both had some digestion problems (probably because we used the rainwater collected via the roof for cooking) and believe me, diarrhea is double fun when it means stumbling into the woods in the dark of the night equipped with toilet paper and a shovel…

A few days later I discovered the hard way that wellies are not the proper footgear for rock climbing and ended up with quite a bloody knee. Before rushing off to get first aid on Pitufa I happened to discover an outhouse in the undergrowth of the neighbouring plot. The stonehouse there is totally derelict, but the privy’s in a good enough condition. Thus I solved the above mentioned problem.

One bloody leg in the family wasn’t enough, lawn mowing also turned out to be a risky business. While mowing over a stony area Christian’s leg got hit by a stone ejected with bullet speed from the mower.
Fortunately Leeloo has fared better: afraid of most landbased creatures, she successfully avoids risks. In order to make her life more interesting I persuaded her to climb the hill right behind the house this afternoon. It’s an incredibly steep, crumbly slope up through the undergrowth, but we made it almost up to the ridge with Leeloo leading the way like a mountain goat (very surprising). The way down was harder than up, we got slightly lost and in the end I slid down most of the way on my bum, dragging along a protesting Leeloo ;-)

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