Two buildingsites

Last week has been crazy-busy-exhausting here. We have two building sites going on at the same time: Getting the house into a truly good shape would take lots of time (maybe burning it down and building a new one would be the easiest ;-) ), so we decided to get the house in a state well enough to sleep in it (killing spiders, cockroaches, shying away rats, cleaning the worst muck, etc.) – still lots of work but feasible. We’re not planning on staying long enough to really, really care. We see it more like being on camping holidays.

Parallel to that we’ve started our second building site in order not to get bored… We started sanding and varnishing worn down woodwork on Pitufa (companionway, handrails, ladder, rough surfaces on walls and doors, etc.) bit by bit. We can’t take things ashore to work on them like we thought we would, because the house is infested by termites and other little bugs that we don’t want to carry back on precious Pitufa. Therefore we have to be really strict: clothes can’t come back aboard before they’re washed, everything else goes in plastic containers, and usually we take just what we need for the next meal (takes lots of thinking ahead and involves plenty of shit-I-forgot experiences ;-)

The weather forecast predicted strong winds for the weekend, so we’ve moved back on Pitufa and are having a relaxed break. It’s so nice to be back aboard. Now we really appreciate how cozy, clean and bug-free our little home is.
Leeloo also seems happy to be back home, where all the sounds and smells (except the varnish) are familiar and no scary creatures like chicken, goats and rats are lurking. At the moment she’s peacefully sleeping under the sprayhood, despite the fact that the wind is howling over Pitufa with 30 knots, rattling all superstructures ;-)

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