Witch’s cauldron

We are enjoying our remote anchorage at the Motu Kouaku even though a weak front passed over us yesterday. There was not much wind nor rain, but the wind direction clocked around, as predicted, a full turn during 24 hours. As our anchorage provides protection only from the South and East, we’ve got quite some chop from the North and then from the West. It was pretty bouncy and uncomfortable, but never dangerous. We turned our stern anchor into a Bahamian mooring and after the front had passed back into a stern anchor again. There is still high swell coming in and mighty breakers all around us mark the spots of reefs and sand banks. The inconveniences were compensated by an incredibly colourful and long-lasting sunset as the end of the front moved by exactly at the right time.

It seems to us we’ve been totaly spoiled by the normally calm and well-protected anchorages of the Gambier islands. We have to get used to trickier anchoring games again before arriving at the Tuamotus.

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