Motu Kouaku

This mornig we picked up the really last of our things in the house and left Taravai to explore more of the remainig places we have not been to yet here in the Gambiers. One of those places is the Motu Kouaku on the barrier reef in the south-east of the archipelago. The last few days the wind was blowing hard so the swell is still pretty impressive. Underway it was so bad that we began doubting whether we would find a calm spot to anchor. Large portions of the barrier reef in the south are so deep that the swell enters unhindered and we were tossed around like on an ocean passage. Only close to the motu the waves finally calmed down and we anchored with a nice view of the sandy motu. We brought out a stern anchor to keep the chain away from coral heads and us aligned to low swell that still makes it here.

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