Between working and walking

When we arrived in Opunohu Bay (a huge bay on the north side of Moorea) we dropped the hook right behind the outer reef where about 15 boats were already swaying in the turquoise water. After doing some snorkeling (cute eagle rays, but coral in a bad shape), we decided to get away from the buzzing dinghies and roaring generators and anchored 1.2 miles further in, at the head of the bay.
Here we’re surrounded by breathtakingly steep mountains, the sea’s as calm as a lake, the forest looks lush and tropical and only the sounds of cars and buggies from the coastal road that leads all around the bay disturbs the tranquility of this place. It’s a good, calm bay to work undisturbed on projects and a perfect starting point for hikes into the mountains. At the moment we try to walk one day and work the next one ;-)

Yesterday we beached the dinghy, hiked up a steep road into the Opunohu Valley to the Belvedere Lookout that gives a nice view over the two big bays of the island (Cook’s bay and Opunohu bay) and the steep Rotui mountain that separates the two. Huffing and puffing up the road we were overtaken by lots of rental cars and tour buses–Moorea’s quite a touristy island. We then hiked along a trek to another lookout with an even better view. This one we had all to ourselves, as no road leads there and it seems the other tourists don’t stray that far from their cars or buses ;-)
This morning started with a big load of laundry and freshly baked bread, now we’ve already cut an opening into a floorboard where the boost pump for the watermaker’s supposed to dwell from now on. Installing it and changing the membranes will take the rest of the day (or maybe tomorrow, too). When this project’s finished we’ve earned another day off and we’ll do some more exploring!

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