Heiva in Tahiti

Last year we visited the 2 week long culture and dance festival in the Gambier where only two dance groups competed, but there was something going on every day and the whole village came to the foodstands and activities. Everything was for free, but on a rather small scale – no wonder with only 1000 people living there and hardly any tourists.
This year we expected a huge festival in Tahiti, but there doesn’t seem to be going on a lot apart from the (expensive) shows in the stadium. Maybe we also missed out on a few things because the two anchorages around Papeete are both far out of town.
Anyway, yesterday we went to an evening show: in the beginning we were a bit disappointed, because the spectators are far away from the dancers on a tribune and you’re not allowed to wander around. The first group didn’t seem any better than we had experienced during the small festival in Rikitea. The second group consisted of professional dancers, they won last year and apparently will win again this year. They were really great and worth the 18 euros per ticket!

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