Dengue in Raiatea

Today we got a phone call from the hospital. The results for our dengue tests are definitely positive. The doctor told us that more cases from the carenage area had come up and advised us to warn our friends and fellow cruisers to be extra careful and use mosquito repellent at all times when going ashore.

It’s been two weeks now since we got ill and we feel fine again. We found a cozy spot behind a motu on the outer reef that’s protected by a very shallow reef almost all around, only a narrow, 30 metre deep channel leads in. The weather’s windy and rainy at the moment, but it’s a snug anchorage and we need time anyway to catch up with boat work after our illness.

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  1. Andy & Sue says:

    Sorry to hear that you have both been so unwell, hope you make a speedy recovery. Sending love and gentle hugs xxxx Sprucettes.

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