Hiking to the 3 cascades

The last few days it’s been sunny and calm, so we tried out some anchorages along the outer reef. Our system of floating the chain over the coral heads with 2 or 3 fenders work nicely in these spots. The barrier reef is great for swimming and we even found some coral heads with a few elk-horn and brain corals still alive.
Yesterday we took another hike to the 3 cascades in Vairahi. It was a real jungle hike with lots of slippery roots and plenty of opportunities to get wet feet or twist an ankle while crossing the creek several times. While Christian gracefully leaped ahead (no idea how he’s doing that) I tottered along slowly and carefully and still managed to get wet feet ;-)
After about 2 hours we reached the first waterfall and were quite impressed by the several metre high cascade with a deep, clear pond. The second one expelled the first and the third was absolutely amazing–pictures will follow soon!


  1. Dameon Wall says:


    We are interested in doing this hike. Did you require a guide or were you able to do it yourself?
    Any help or advice you have would be very much appreciated

    1. Christian says:

      sorry for the late response. we had no guide. there is a big sign at the crossing next to a pension. just follow the dirt road up along fields. When this road ends continue on a small foot path which soon crosses the river and brings you upstream. it’s marked (but not very well). Just follow the river when in doubt.

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