Exploring the north

We’ve had northwesterly winds plus sunny, blue skies now for several days, which is very unusual, but ideal for a visit to the northern corner. After the grey weather period we had, we enjoy the summer weather to the fullest. That’s something we’ve really learned in the Gambier: carpe diem–seize the day, you can never be sure how long the sun will be out! In this weather the colours here are mindboggling: motus so white you think you’ll get snowblind and sparkling turquoise shallow sandbanks dropping off into the darkblue of the lagoon remind us of our time in the Tuamotus, but turning around we see the emerald green forested high islands in the background that we missed during our stay in the low atolls.
This morning we took the kayak out for a snorkeling tour along the bommies that dot the sandbank behind the outer reef and were amazed once again by the crystal clear water, the huge fish swarms and the healthy condition of the corals here. Nature in the Gambier is lucky to have escaped overpopulation, mass tourism and industrialisation so far.

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