Mushroom season

The weather’s still changeable here, but then it’s weird all over the region with lots of depressions rushing over Tahiti and down the poor Australes just west of us, so we don’t complain about a few rainy days in between. The only thing that’s annoying is that the humid weather’s just what the mushrooms enjoy–not the yummy ones, but the nasty ones that start growing all over the furniture and inside the lockers whenever we have to keep the hatches closed in the rain.
The best remedy we’ve found so far is to wipe everything with vinegar water and then safe the varnish by adding a layer of lemon oil. In rough seas we sometimes wish for a bigger, more stable boat, whenever we do provisioning we’d love to have more lockers, but when fighting the mushrooms we feel that Pitufa’s rather too big for us ;-)

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